Testing event

Date: 24.09.19

Time: 08:30 pm

Tickets - Prices from:  $1.00

Registration Closes:   24.09.19


Tristram Street Hamilton, New Zealand


At Te Māia, we don’t just promote trendy events or the latest cool thing. We bring you events run by people we value. We value these people because we admire the way they live, the projects they create and the businesses they run. They are the ones with the art and strategies to take our generation to the next level. Still, our admiration runs much deeper than appreciation for their industry skills. We admire these people for their courage, and for their care. Along with the high level of quality and skill they bring to their profession, it is the spirit of courage and care we want to bring to you.After all, it will take all our courage and all our care to see humankind at her communal best.‘Te māia’ is literally ‘the brave’ in te reo Māori, the language of our home country Aotearoa (NZ). We have chosen this name because it represents the spirit of a rising generation. This generation is attentive to the culture of the land they stand on and brave not only with innovative ideas and creations but in relationship and learning. This is the banner we raise, and the expectation we set with our values:bravery, care, and innovation