Terms And Conditions

(I) Disclaimer

Welcome to the Te Māia community! We are a collaborative marketplace platform where consultants/ service providers and clients can find opportunities and connect through genuine feedback. By using the services offered on Te Māia, you are agreeing to abide by the terms of service and guidelines found below. We reserve the rights to change or amend the terms of service and guidelines at any time without notice.

(II) Te Māia Registration

When you sign up for an account as a Te Māia, you are agreeing to (a) provide complete, accurate and current account information of yourself or the entity you are representing, (b) maintain and update any account information in order to keep it complete, accurate and current, (c) be responsible for the maintenance of security of your account and password as Te Māia cannot and will not be held liable for any loss or damage from your failure to meet security obligations and (d) only utilise the services for legal and authorised purposes.

At Te Māia, we believe in giving back to the community through growing budding entrepreneurs and for that reason, we have established a low-cost entry into the marketplace. Te Māia’s Subscription Fees are solely for users with a Te Māia profile and set at a standard USD29 for a three-month-subscription.

(III) Client registration

Signing up as a client is completely free. When you sign up for an account as a client or user of services, you are agreeing to the terms of use set out in the Community Guidelines (VI). You are responsible for maintaining the security of your account and password and Te Māia will not be held liable for any loss or damage from your failure to meet security obligations.

(IV) Privacy

We encourage members of the Te Māia community to use our services to help them in business opportunities and connecting with others. It is up to your discretion on whether or not to include sensitive information on your profile. However, we do encourage you not to post personal information that you do not desire to make public.

As an advertising platform, Te Māia endeavours to promote and increase the success of its members through various services. Te Māia reserves the right to use any material you have provided on public profiles or events for promotions, newsletters, Facebook advertisements and other online advertising methods. This data additionally includes any feedback or reviews and is used to for advertising purposes such as aiding social media campaigns or increasing membership.

Other information that might be collected using cookies are used for personalising and increasing the efficiency of your use of the Te Māia platform and includes but is not limited to (a) login details, (b) membership system, (c) Facebook ad pixels and (d) Google Audience.

We understand that you might not be looking to actively use and promote yourself through your user profile therefore we have an invisibility function that will render your profile completely private unless otherwise shared by you or someone approved by you. Te Māia is not liable for any damages resulting from information that has wrongly been disclosed, whether it is accidental or otherwise.

Te Māia is not responsible for any communication that occurs beyond the platform it provides for its users. As Te Māia is an advertising platform, consultants may choose to provide links to other websites that we are not responsible for.

Te Māia does not require or use location data.

(V) Posting an Event (workshop, one-on-one consultation, conference, webinar)

Te Māia does not provide any guarantee of the level of service offered by consultants. By using our services, you are agreeing that Te Māia is not responsible for (a) the service meeting your expectations, (b) that the service is timely, error-free and secure and (c) that the service is accurate and reliable.

You agree that any and all material, including but not limited to information, data, images, videos and other content, contained in or delivered through Te Māia’s services is protected by copyright and other proprietary laws.

Any listing may be removed by Te Māia for violating the terms of service, which may include but are not limited to: 
  • Illegal or fraudulent services
  • Inappropriate services
  • Misleading services
  • User misconduct

The removal of these services may result in the suspension or banning of the pertinent account and depending on Te Māia’s prerogative, may not be allowed to be restored.

(VI) Payment

There is no transaction fee with each registration. This means consultants are able to receive 100% of the payments they have charged therefore we encourage all payments to be made using Te Māia’s payment system.

All costs of purchases, whether applying to subscription or registration fees, are stated in terms of USD unless otherwise specified. Payments for any kind of transaction, whether it is the subscription fee or registering for events, are facilitated through Paypal. Te Māia is in no way involved in the transaction itself and any responsibility for a refund lies with the service provider.

Transactions and all other forms of contact between you and other members are to be conducted entirely at your own risk. By using our services, you are agreeing that Te Māia takes no responsibility or liability for the misconduct of its members.

Te Māia reserves the right to assess any grievance or complaints on a case-by-case basis. These concerns can be reported through the appropriate contact form found at the bottom of the website or simply contact us. Te Māia may, according to our discretion, attempt to mediate or assess such disputes when they arise, however, Te Māia is not liable for (a) the consultant’s failure to provide refunds, (b) Te Māias failure to mediate the dispute and (c) Te Māia’s decision in resolving the dispute.

(VII) Community Guidelines

At Te Māia, we encourage an open, professional environment for service providers and clients to engage and participate in. However, leaving feedback or review is completely at the prerogative of the client.

You can report any inappropriate content, messages or safety concerns on the contact page. If you have any urgent concerns, please contact us. Te Māia reserves the right to delete any feedback or reviews that do not meet the conditions based on the terms of services. These can be reported using the contact page and will be assessed individually.

The Te Māia marketplace is a safe environment and we want to maintain this service for all users of the site. Discrimination against any member based on gender, race, age, religious affiliation, sexual preference and otherwise is not acceptable and may result in the removal or temporary suspension of your account.

While we encourage the posting of images, Te Māia is at liberty to remove any images that do not meet requirements which include but are not limited to (a) violent or graphic images and (b) inappropriate or pornographic images.

(VIII) Future Updates

At Te Māia, we are constantly looking to grow and evolve to better suit your needs. To do so, we may, at any point and without notice, modify or remove any element of the services we provide. You agree that Te Māia will not indemnify you for any disagreement resulting from the modification.