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The Generosity Fund

When you list your event with Te Maia, you are helping others to succeed. Te Maia is invested in the future of the new generation of change makers, and we’ve set up our business model to ensure that we are giving back to our community of entrepreneurs.

We are passionate about change and we know you are too, and we know it’s not enough to talk the talk about impact, without walking the walk. Which is why 25% of the profit from Te Maia goes back into our Generosity Fund.

Member Benefits

There is currently $10,000 in the Generosity Fund. This fund is designed for our Te Maia community of entrepreneurs to be supported in the growth of their businesses, to build connections in their communities and to provide them with relevant learning opportunities. Te Maia is currently working on the offerings for our members, and will keep you informed via our newsletter.

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