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Impact Hub Waikato
    Huber Social in association with Impact Hub Waikato are pleased to bring you the Huber Social Accreditation Course.

    Huber Social's system allows consultants to assess, measure and improve levels of COLLECTIVE WELLBEING. Become a Huber Social Impact Consultant & build your Social Impact Measurement capability.

    To become fully accredited training includes face-to-face sessions and your first practical application of the measurement system.

    Impact Hub Waikato are also offering a Wellbeing Scholarsh...


    Impact Hub Waikato
      Achieving the SDGs through social finance

      Are you looking at ways social finance and impact investing can support the achievement of the SDGs? Curious how SDGs, social finance, patient capital and technology blend together?

      Impact Hub Waikato has invited Charles Beaudry & Natalie St Pierre, both Co-Founders of Impact Hub Montreal, to offer a global perspective on how we can work collaboratively on these complex issues. We will discuss pre-seed patient capital as a solution to address gap faced ...