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Building a City Ecosystem for Impact - Impact Hub Amsterdam story
Impact Hub Waikato
Impact Hub Waikato is excited to bring this workshop to the Waikato, hosted in collaboration with Impact Hub Amsterdam. Join us to learn more about how entrepreneurs can collaborate with municipality to form a robust City Ecosystem. 

This event is FREE to attend, but has limited numbers, so please get in early and register!

In 2015, the City of Amsterdam and Impact Hub Amsterdam started a relationship to share ideas, networks, actions and reflections to make the city’s growing entrepreneurship ...


Huber Social - Become an Accredited Social Impact Consultant
Impact Hub Waikato
Huber Social in association with Impact Hub Waikato are pleased to bring you the Huber Social Accreditation Course.

Huber Social's system allows consultants to assess, measure and improve levels of COLLECTIVE WELLBEING. Become a Huber Social Impact Consultant & build your Social Impact Measurement capability.

To become fully accredited training includes face-to-face sessions and your first practical application of the measurement system.

Learning outcomes cover:

 1. Measuring Wellbeing

2. How to a...

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Our Vision is to see the world alive with innovation and creativity. We believe the potential of humankind is infinite. Te Māia is a space for the brave ones who share our belief, for the ones willing to risk running events and organizations that spread that potential into the hearts and minds of people everywhere. We know that we are part of an innovative eco-system that demands our participation, our care, and our creativity. So here we are, te māia – the brave. MORE ABOUT US